Welcome to Crockett’s Cabin

I am inadequate to the task of discussing Jesus Christ, despite my desire to do so and one of the greatest mistakes I can make is to think that I am well-spoken and thought-out enough to do so.

Thus, I would ask (dear Reader) that you bear with me while I get things up and running. And while I gather my thoughts.

In the meantime, there is one course of action I can completely recommend with absolute confidence and that is: Please, read your Bible. If you have never read it, or if there has been any passage of time since your prior readings, I would urge you to begin with the Gospel of John and then proceed to Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

Why do I suggest this? Because YOU, friend, need Jesus Christ just as I do. I am not a “good person” although for many years I believed that I was. The fact is that none of us are “good people”. We may be “better than some” and “worse than others” but, none of us can meet God’s perfect, just, and holy standard of perfection.

He knows this and loves us still. That is why He sent His Son, Christ Jesus, to die in our place and take our punishment for our sins upon Himself.