Treasure Coast Studios

It’s Just My Music Room

Things started out simply enough. The “Den” became available so I moved my equipment in. A few days later, I put in a rug for sound absorption.

By August of that year, things were completely out of control.

For the next year and a half, I was buying, selling, and trading basses, guitars, drumsets, and keyboards. Looking back I am embarrassed at how self-indulgent and shameful it was.

Around September 2022 I decided to purge what I was not using and did not need. In December of 2023, I determined to make the room more Library-like and sedate.

I picked a mellow color, removed the LED lighting, and most of the wall decor.

Paint samples for Music Room

I then set about to impose order on my self-created chaos.

I decided on Equestrian Green for the walls and after a few missteps, settled in on two basses and two guitars. These are enough.